The Destruction of Mandi Linset

I completed a short story that focuses on two of the supporting characters from the Legacy of Shadows novel series that I am currently working on.

The Destruction of Mandi Linset, a Legacy of Shadows story.

When I was writing this story I wanted to highlight the darker side of Chrisitan D’Ywyll.  His role in the first Legacy of Shadows novel is rather superficial, really only showing him as a “father” to the vampire princess.  In this short story the monster within is laid bare.  The man we see is drastically different from the doting father in the forthcoming novel. This creates a pradoxical duality to the character that will certainly play a role as things unfold for Jaelzana Braeden, the novel’s protagonist.

The story itelf is told from the viewpoint of his victim, Mandi Linset. This allowed for a bit of exposition on her background as well.  A chance to see where Jaelzana’s best friend came from.

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