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Jessica Fae

I am an aspiring author who studied English at Kennesaw State University.  While my day job has me working in the IT field, my true passion is literature and what it can do for us as a society.

As a queer woman, I have come to recognize a severe lacking in literary entertainment content that focuses on the LGBTIQ community as a whole. While there is a lot of great literature out there for the community, most of it is expressly related to dealing with the problems members our community face. I feel it is time that we had more entertainment that gives us characters who are engaging, powerful, and identifiable.  Characters who just happen to be LGBTIQ, and whose stories are not defined by that aspect of their person.

Fiction is a major part of our lives today and has the power to alter the way we, as a society, treat each other. More people purchase books and movies for entertainment purposes than any other, 4 out of the top 5 selling genre’s are entirely fiction based, with religious/inspirational books being the only one that isn’t dedicated to fictional stories for entertainment. In the vast majority of cases, the protagonist is not a member of the LGBTIQ community.  For example, of some 4,900 young adult books published in 20101, only about 11 featured LGBTIQ protagonists2, that’s less than 0.003% of books published. This is unacceptable.

It is my goal to publish books with LGBTIQ protagonists, in an attempt to use modern literary fiction as a way to further the LGBTIQ rights movement.

1 – Number as reported in the 2011 edition of The Library and Book Trade Almanac.
2- Research on LGBTIQ characters in YA conducted by Melinda Lo, critically acclaimed YA author.